Steam Coal (Thermal Coal)

Thermal Coal also known as Steam Coal, is most commonly used in the process of power, electricity and heat generation. Around 40 per cent of electric power worldwide is generated using steam coal. It is also used in the cement-making process (calcination). It is also widely used as fuel for making clinker and cement by most cement manufacturers.

It is primarily sourced from South Africa & Mozambique and we are supplying to various cement plants in UAE & India.

Other terrains to source Thermal Coal: USA, Australia & Indonesia.

Limestone & Pyroxenite

Limestone is calcareous sedimentary rock composed of mineral calcite (CaCO3) which upon calcination yields lime (CaO) for commercial use. Cement and Iron & Steel are the major consumers of limestone.

Pyroxenite is also an ultrabasic rock consisting of pyroxenes typically contains 36 to 42% MgO and 36 to 39% SiO2; There is a rising trend in use Pyroxenite in sintering and as a fluxing agent in blast furnace in place of dolomite.

Currently Limestone is being sourced locally in the UAE and being supplied to various Steel and Cement plants in India.

Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS)

The Granulated Blast Furnace Slag is used in the cement industry as a blending material and for the concrete Industry as an additive after grinding GBFS (Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) for Cement plant. This product is supplied to both domestic and the overseas markets.

It is sourced from China and India and being supplied to regular Cement grinding factories in UAE.


Bauxite is a rock which is the principal ore of Aluminum. Almost all of the Aluminum produced has been extracted from bauxite. It is found in abundance at many locations around the world.

It is currently being sourced from India and is supplied primarily to China & Middle East countries.